Guruvikas Training program 30-10-2019

Guruvikas training program to staff of our campus and near by 23 college lecturers and 20 high school teachers was conducted on 30th October, 2019. 80 Lecturers, Head masters and school teachers attended Guruvikas Training program. Program started with inaugural speech by Principal followed by DEO, Sri Ravikanth garu and MEO Sri Srinivas Reddy Garu, they asked the teachers to be practicing rather than advising as students follow teachers intensely. The training program was very interesting as there were powerpoint presentation, role plays, team games and demo classes. Post lunch a session with Radhika Sister gave a detailed PPT on self awareness and how important to have positive thoughts, and how thoughts influence life. Participation certificates given to all the participants.

Indian Heritage and culture

Junior Inter and Senior students attended the workshop on Telangana History on 21st and 22nd September, 2019 in Karimnagar. This work shop has a rich history dating back to historical times and continuing into the Sathavahana period where kotilingalu area of the district was there first capital. Academician, Historians, poets and writers, artists and policy makers participated and spoke elaborately on the rich heritage textiles, music and culture of Telangana. Days program began with our students chanting with ganapathi adharvana sheersham and medha suktham.

Reiki Workshop by Sridhar and Acupressure therapy by Radhika 13-10-2019

Reiki is a self healing system wherein we can heal ourselves and others. Reiki first level helps to heal ourselves and others physically. It is basically cleaning of chakras and showing gratitude to all our organs and valuing them for the services rendered. 28 students and two lecturers were initiated into the healing system in two sessions. Dr. Sridhar a Reiki master who initiated Reiki to our students and staff.

Acupresure Therapy 13-10-2019

The objective is mainly to trains students to manage pains through acupressure, acupressure is a healing mechanism by which one can treat self by pressuring the points in hand and legs. Which are connected with meridian points to each and every organ of our body. Students were trained with practical demonstration on managing pains specially stress. They were explained scientifically how the energy flows and how hands and legs are important to the right flow of theses energies. They were made to understand how all the points in the hands and legs connecting to all our body parts and how one has to stimulate /pressurize these points to have relief from the pain mainly stress. So far 75 students including few faculty were trained.

Significance of Gurus in Indian History – Acharya Chanakya and His Life by Giridhar Mamidi – 7-07-2019

Life of Acharya and his invaluable contribution to Mother Bharat. His ancient Indian political treatise, the Arthasastra, text dated back to 2nd century BCE and 3rd century BCE was explained and narrated with videos and quotations. The talk was informative, inspirational and knowledgeable. Students participated actively by asking questions.

Orientation and Teacher Training Program for Three Days for Staff

The First Day by Radhika Sister on Self Awareness and Unleashing human potential. Immense power of thoughts/Sankalpam and tips on how to apply in daily life were shared. Also sharing of major events in Baba’s life, followed by Baba’s videos, discourses on importance of Indian culture to students. Then spoke of Swamy’s Sukshma Swarupam and Swamy’s mission and message behind starting so many educational institutes and hospitals. Videos of various educational institutes of Swami, Annapoorna Breakfast Service, Mother and Child Services and Hospitals were shown. Teachers were highly motivated at the same time felt humbled to see the enormous and humongous works of swami. They are privileged to work in such an esteemed institution.

The Second Day, had very experienced Trainer from GE, Srinivas brother, PHD in English, who gave classes on Teaching Pedagogy, Teaching Techniques and importance of teacher in students life.

Third Day, Brother Satyanarayana, PHD in Chemistry had 35 years of teaching experience at Delhi’s prestigious educational institutes trained the staff in content preparation, lesson plans schedules and gave lots of practical exercises for teachers to understand and be clear on syllabus handling and clarity in concepts and also to make subject simple while teaching students.

Global Education Conference at Muddenahalli

Staff attended 3 day Global Education Conference at Muddenahalli. Global conference deepened the importance of values for teachers and also understood their role as teacher. Various speakers spoke on the importance of value education and how other countries are implementing and working towards delivering Value Education. Lecturers benefited immensely in each of these sessions.