JUNIOR COLLEGE FOR WOMEN (College Code :47260)
(A unit of PrashanthiBala Mandira Trust)
Kondapaka (v), Siddipet (D.T.), Telangana

Disciplinary Rules and Regulations

Students must note that on matters ofdiscipline, the authorities are extremely strict. Every student are required to carefully read the rules and regulations given below and put them into practice.

1. Punctuality and attendance at all prayer sessions including Suprabhatam, morning assembly, bhajans and evening prayer and other institute programs is mandatory. Students must retire to bed by 10.00 p.m.

2. The first step in discipline is SILENCE. Students are strictly forbidden from indulging in idle chat and loud talk.

3. Social Service is one of the important feature of the college. Active participation in social services is mandatory.

4. Mutual Courtesy and polite behaviour must be cultivated& demonstrated.

5. Girls must dress traditionally and as laid down by the college. They are not allowed to wear any Western dresses/ leggings/juggings etc. Only Salwar suits and traditional sarees areallowed.

6. Singing of film songs, hooting and whistling inside the campus is strictly not allowed. Novels of any type are not allowed in the campus.

7. The medium of communication inside the campus will be ENGLISH for all purposes.

8. Personal possession by the student of any of the following devices/gadgets is strictly forbidden. Students found in possession of any electronic items will be strictly dealt with including expulsion from the campus.

I) Computers and allied systems like laptops, notepads, palmtops, I-pads, e-watches etc.
II) Audio or Video recording and retrieval systems like CD players, tape recorder, MP3/MP4 players, Pen drives etc.
III) Mobile phones of any type and make.
IV) External data storage devices like hard disks, USB devices etc., of any type.
V) Cameras, Video Cameras etc of any type.

9. Visitors are not allowed inside the campus. Parents and relatives may visit the students on dates intimated by college management.

10. It is desirable that the attire of the parents or relatives of the students should befitting the Indian culture, when they come over here to the campus.


There is no compromise on the issue of discipline. Any violation of the above and also such other disciplinary injunctions communicated to the students from time to time, will be strictly dealt with a warning in the first instance and later with expulsion from the campus. The decision of the Institute authorities on matters of discipline is final. Fees once paid is not refundable at any cost.