Service to man is service to God

Prashanti bala Mandira Trust has been running many programs in different states of India for the society welfare. Their main emphasis is on rural India to render selfless service to the destitute. Their mission is to establish world class education infrastructure in rural areas with priority to needy rural children.

As Sri Sathya Sai baba says ‘ service is love in action’, is the motto of these initiatives.

SSSPNC students will be involved in these activities in different stages beside their academics. Thereby SSSPNC invokes and motivate the human spirit to serve others in need because the purpose of life is to understand that all are one .Therefore if we alleviate suffering of fellow human-beings, we alleviate our own suffering.

Here ample opportunities are given for service by visits to old age home, orphanages and schools in the vicinity.

The present batch got an opportunity to live in close quarter with elderly who gave them guidance and motherly affection and the students in turn learnt to look after them.