Library Resources

Reprographic materials

The library will not copy the material if it violates the copyright law or donor restrictions or if it damages the material. Our policy also has the right to restrict the use of amount of copying material. The coping cost will be deducted according to the college policy.

The prime purpose of a library is to provide access to knowledge and information. To fulfill this mission, libraries preserve a valuable record of culture. Then they pass down this to the coming generations. Therefore, they are an essential link between the past, present and future. Students use libraries to enhance their classroom experiences. Libraries help the students to develop good reading and study habits. The libraries provide information and services that are essential for learning and progress.

The State of Art of Library contains around 1500 books. The college provides a wide range of books to the students for their personal and academic growth, Library contains books related to academics with all the subjects in the college, we also provide students with dictionaries with translations in different languages. Our library also contains books which help the students improve their communicative skill and improve them in taking stage talks. We also have books which gives the information about the ancient culture, books which provide knowledge about Indian fine arts like dance, music, and yoga. Last but not the least we also provide the books with Indian Epics and spirituality to improve the student in developing spiritually with values.

Library Rules

1. Any Student/Staff who issuing the book from library should return the book within seven days from the date of issue.

2. Any book can be re issue to the same student/staff basis of their requirements for 3 consecutive times.

3. Any damage to the library book or torned paper or food particles, ink on the paper, the respective student/staff should pay the cost of the book.

4. Library remains open during college hours from morning 9.30 am to evening 5.30 pm for availing the facility,

5. No book should taken out of the library without the permission of library in charge without recording in the register.