Physics & Chemistry Lab
Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think practically

“I hear, I forget,
I see, I remember
I do, I understand”

The main aspiration of the labs in our college is to insure the fundamental concepts of the students through practical’s. we cover all the intermediate board practicals from fundamental concepts of school level to college level with modern day sophisticated apparatus. we have collaborated with science academy by which we make sure student basics are strong and clear students will able to identify 24 salts of action and anion in inorganic chemistry,8 salts of organic chemistry and volumetric titration of physical chemistry. Thus there is a scope of covering different branches of chemistry for further specialisation of studies of the students. Instrumental practicals such as chromatography, preparation of colloidal solutions which helps the students to be the part of pharmaceutical studies. Make them learn tests for presence of carbohydrates and proteins in edible food items is seen.

Both junior and senior intermediate students equally attends the lab practicals learning new methods of study through the practicals. The college has a specious, well equipped furniture laboratory for both physics and chemistry. Coming to physics we cover all sorts of experiments which develop their electronically skills. For junior intermediate we start with basic instruments such as venior callipers, screw gauge, physical balance, simple pendulum etc by which measuring from nanoparticals to microscopic particals have been done.Along with parallelogram law of forces,forces constant ofa spring,surface tension of a liquid,Apparent Expansion of aliquid,Boyles law,specific heat of a solid have been done.Several other experiments which are delicate and difficult to be the part of the lab have been thought to the children.

The most important way of relating the practicals to spiritual mode of life have seen in the students by intensive training by this organisation. Thus development of students secularly and spiritually through practicals have been successed in this organisation.