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“In order to do something bigger than yourself & contribute to nation building, it is important to collaborate with the right associations come along to take the first step to investment in girl child education.”

The impact of contributions extends far beyond their size, as even the smallest penny can bring about a significant and meaningful change. At Sri Sathya Sai Prashanti Niketanam College (SSSPNC), we are grateful for the support of our contributors who come from all corners of the world. Their contributions play a vital role in building and improving the educational infrastructure and student facilities. The collective effort of our contributors reflects a shared vision of empowering students and creating a positive impact on their lives. We are grateful for the generosity and support of our contributors, as they help us in our mission to provide quality education and create a nurturing environment for our students to thrive and succeed.


The act of volunteering at SSSPNC involves actively engaging with students, and offering guidance, mentorship, and support. By generously giving their time, volunteers create opportunities for students to learn and grow beyond the traditional classroom setting. 

Student Break up Cost

Hostel Expenses: 30,000/
Personal Expenses: 10,000/ (Uniform, Textbooks, Note books, Examination fee, Medical- expenses, Stationary etc)
Educational Expenses: 30,000 Total: 70,000 per annum

Contact details

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