Educational Tour

Travel tour the students are expected to attend the educational tours which improves their mental acumen in academics and enhances spiritual growth. They are exposed to broader prospective of life by attending the lectures of renowned guest teachers from different parts of the society.

This also gives them a taste and insight in to our vast rich cultural heritage which is otherwise unknown to many of us.

These Includes

Sports and cultural meet held every year in the month of January, in Muddenhalli [Karnataka, India].The students come from different Sri Sathya Sai campuses to take part.

International youth Conference

We have a annual International youth meet near Bangalore in Muddanhalli in a picturesque surroundings, where students from all over the world attend and get a chance to be a part of a beautiful festival of cultural diversity.

National teacher’s conference

It is a three days conference held in Muddenhalli every year for the benefit of the teachers. Eminent personalities from various Educational and spiritual institutions grace this occasion and impart their knowledge through group discussions, talks,presentations and interactive sessions.

A teacher is the most important person after parents who can mould the student in any direction. So their knowledge is enriched with the wisdom of these guest speakers in various aspects of teaching like value based education,child psychology, importance of inculcating creativity, interesting and interactive sessions with students.

Junior Inter and Senior students attended the workshop on Telangana History on 21st and 22nd September, 2019 in Karimnagar. This work shop has a rich history dating back to historical times and continuing into the Sathavahana period where kotilingalu area of the district was there first capital. Academician, Historians, poets and writers, artists and policy makers participated and spoke elaborately on the rich heritage textiles, music and culture of Telangana. Days program began with our students chanting with ganapathi adharvana sheersham and medha suktham.