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Our college is situated in the serene atmosphere of countryside in Kondapaka village in a vast area of 12.4 acres .It is surrounded by vast cultivation lands and rocks. Away from the hustle, bustle of city, there is a feel of tranquility about it. on In the picturesque harmony of dense green forests, in a nest of 7 Hills, 7 tranquil lakes, 7 glorious Hanuman Temples, 7 silent village foundation stones(saptanabhi shilas) lies this abode of art and architecture. Thus this village is glorified with number seven. Its cultural heritage dates back to the Kakatiya Dynasty.

Kondapak Village covers an area of approximately 2.5 sq. km., and has a population of approximately 15,000 as of 2010. The Kondapak village boundary of the Medak district, the village is bounded on the North by the Nacharam village, on the south by Thimmareddypalli village, on the west by Dhammakkapalli, and on the East by Komaravelli and Arepalli Village. Paddy the main agricultural products cultivated in the village.