1. SSSPNC advantages

Sri Sathya Sai schools and colleges are highly reputed all over the world. The courses, training and teaching offered here are without any personal or selfish motive and are of highest quality and standards.

Our primary aim is to give value based education to students and give ideal teachers to the society who can set examples , revive Indian culture and bring patriotic fervor in students.

Value based education system helps students to grow spiritually and thus become strong mentally, which is most important; to face all challenges the life throws upon us.

At SSSPNC, you can develop a wide range of ‘transferable skills’ through both your studies and recreational activities, for example:

 communication – written,oral, non-verbal
 computer literacy –
 intellectual skills – critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving
 interpersonal skills – working with others, flexibility, adaptability
 Public speaking – remove the social phobia, honing oratory skills
 organization – independent working, initiative, managing finances and time
 research – data acquisition and analysis

These skills are very important for success in any field of life. These are the main challenges when one has to work as a colleague, partner or a team leader of a big organization.

These colleges and schools are the temples of human excellence, where it is ensured that beside their studies, the students must excel in the core human values and their behavior towards their fellow beings. At SSSPNC we follow the same code of conduct set by Sri Sathya Sai institutions and strive to excel in all spheres of education and human values.

Teaching Structure

Sri Sathya Sai group of institutions are famous for their loving, extensive all round training and the quality of students.

The courses will be taught in form of lectures, seminars and practical .The students are encouraged for self study. They are expected to put in around 50 to 60 hours a week [including teaching hours, self study and practical] during the term.

During the holidays one can cover up the weaker subjects, assignments revision or further reading.


Lectures will be held regularly on daily basis .The duration of these will be around 50 minutes each. The strength of students can vary from 25 to 30 per session.

Guest lecturers who are a authority in the subjects will also be invited .Some guest lecturers will teach in supervision or through webinars.