Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Niketanam junior College for women aims to:

  • Equip prospective teachers with knowledge, attitude, behaviour and skills required to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, college and society.
  • Produce ideal teachers who are able to inculcate values by being an example to others
  • Converge inter-departmental and inter-disciplinary educational programs with other institutes of Prashanthi Bala Mandira Trust.
  • Collaborate with top universities to meet global standards and addressing societal challenges.
  • Accelerate the learning curve using technology viz virtual connect.
  • Enhance student services by providing student amenities like library, access to internet etc.
  • Provide add-on courses that have a practical and vocational orientation.
  • Induct students into an environment of devotional and spiritual fervour with a spirit of patriotism.
  • Facilitate Research orientation among teachers and students.
  • Focus on all round development of the student by introducing life skills.
  • Conduct faculty improvement programs/workshops to train mentor teachers on teaching methods.