Chairman Desk

This is C. Aruna Pradeep from Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Niketanam College Kondapaka, Siddipet District, Telangana, I am a former student of Sri SathyaSai Institute of Higher Learning Anantapur campus. It was in 1992 Swami addressed His students to “Serve the society, by extending free education to the needy children, which was a gift that we were fortunate to receive from Swami Himself. He emphasised that He would take care of our families, if we did His work.”

His words blossomed into Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir, Hyderabad a free educational institution for under privileged children and a shelter home for orphan girls.Swami’s abundant love did not stop there.

In 1971,On the inauguration day of the Women’s college at Anantapur, Sri. Bhurugula Ramakrishna Rao the then chief minister of Andhra Pradesh requested Swami for one such Girls college for Hyderabad, Swami replied, “When the time comes I will surely fulfil your desire”

The time did come in 2017 He laid the foundation stone for Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Niketanam college for girls at the outskirts of Hyderabad and inaugurated the same in 2018. It was a boon for girls, mostly from rural areas. The Gurukula system of education, offered besides the academic curriculum, teaching of Vedas and preserving our culture through Indian classical dance and music. Above all the ambience in the College kindled in the hearts of students the Love for God.

Many rural children from economically poor back ground some of whom are orphans are the beneficiaries of this institution. TheInstitute provides state of the art facilities like digital library, smart classes with provision to enable remote facility for guest lectures from different colleges and universities to conduct on line classes. There will be no dearth of any facility in Swami’s institutes for students to grow and for staff to work to their full capacity.

In the beginning I thought when there are so many educational institutions in Hyderabad, where is the need to start one more institute by Swami. It was a pleasant realisation, as to how wrong my thoughts were. This is a unique college, is a knowledge hub following the Gurukula system of education where lecturers live with students, who direct the students towards seeing divinity in all.

There is no fear of exams in any student, because they are ever ready to face any tests or exams at any point of time. Importance is given to remarks and not to marks. In addition to Academic emphasis is given to Self Reliance programs like taking care of sick children, kitchen garden, and maintenance of dormitories in the hostel.

Healthy, Very clean and hygienic cooked food is served as Prasadam after prayers. Lecturers practice and then preach values to students. Students are also exposed to alternative therapy techniques like acupressure and Reki to maintain their good health.

One of the main Aim of this institution is to instil patriotism and unity of all faiths. If you are a Hindu be a good Hindu, if you are a Christian be a good Christian, if you are Muslim be a good Muslim. To instil patriotism we are exposing them to Indian History: Students are taken on tours to many historical places and workshops conducted on history, thereby creating awareness about our great leaders in Bharat. By involving them in service activities in nearby villages students are made to realise how love is to be expressed in action. Once one Swami’s devotee asked Swami only very few are coming out from our university every year , the need in the society is very high, then pat came the reply from Swami, ” I am producing the commanders not soldiers, my students are leaders they will lead the country,few are enough.”

Thus Sai’s Educational Institutes stand apart from other Institutions.

Principal Desk

Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Niketanam Junior college for women is situated amidst Serene and Blissful mountain rocks at Kondapaka in Siddipet Dist. Bhagawan Sri SathyaSai Baba has blessed and pronounced on 1st June 2017 while laying the foundation stone that the women’s college will be up and running in exactly one year’s time. As per Divine wish, College was inaugurated on June 1st 2018 and First batch of Students had joined the Gurukula System of Education. Gurukula System of Education is Very ancient system of Bharat where students stay with gurus and learn both Aparavidya (Academics) and Para Vidya (Spiritual Learning). In Bhagawan Baba’s words – Value based Education is 3H Model i.e. One must possess Heart like Buddha, Head like AdiSankara and Hands like Janaka. Sai Students should necessarily become Divine Beings when they leave the temples of Education.

As an Ex Student of Anantapur Campus, after spending 5 golden years in the esteemed institution, passed out in the year 85-86 First Batch of Sri SathyaSai Institute of Higher Learning , joining this college.

is Homecoming for me. To work as principal in this temple of Knowledge and Learning, I feel Humbled and blessed. Every day unfolds with beautiful memories, lovely and joyous moments and listening to Divine Experiences by students.

As the famous saying goes if we educate a woman, we educate a nation. Our College caters to educating Girl students from economically lesser privileged sections from rural areas, Single Parent, orphans at absolutely Free of cost. Equal Importance is given to Students spiritual progress along with Academic excellence. The purpose of this college is to create Guru’s themselves who Excel in both PARA (Self Realization) and APARA VIDYA ( Academics). Swami’s purpose of this institution is to Produce Tyaga Jeevis and Yoga Jeevis and Not Bhoga Jeevis

Vijayalakshmi Bulusu

“Saa vidyaa yaa vimuktaye“

Council Member of SSSPN


A vision to establish an educational institution to provide holistic and integrated value-basedFree higher education to young girls so that they can be empowered to become the role models for the future society – This is how “Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Niketanam College for Women” came into existence . Itis a one of a kind institute that aims to produce an army of young and empowered teachers who are passionate about teachingand equipped with not just the tools but also the holistic learning, knowledge and empathy, to truly make a difference in our society.

Education is incomplete without a true ‘Guru’. In ancient India, a Guru known as ‘Acharya’ was a well learned individual, self-disciplined and devoid of arrogance. They were realized souls who became living examples of divine precepts. Swami says “Teacher should be a role model in human values”. In today’s world wheregreed, envy and intolerance are on the rise, there is a dire need to inculcate positive human values among the youth and future generations.

The institution where free and value based education is imparted , will create an environment for the students to learn and use the tools – tolerance , love , justice and forbearance – which in turn will help them develop and foster positive inner human values for those they will go on to teach and influence as future teachers of the society.

This requires a specialized curriculum to be designed to not only produce educated but also responsible and righteous citizens of the society. Students with insightful minds who believe in giving back to the society are vital for the present day. Following the ideals of education as enunciated in the life and teachings of Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba, the SSSPN College for Women caters to all that and more.

The institute and its curriculum strive to transform human beings into divine beings, the institute believes that knowledge is incomplete without human and moral values .The college aims at enabling young women and girl students from rural and underprivileged parts of the society to become leaders among teachers and enable them to promote societal growth and welfare.

The “Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Niketanam College for Women” is a unique institution that owes its beginning to a set of devoted students of Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba . The students along with HISblessings have played a vital role in the growth of the institute so far and have begun on HIS mission.

I am blessed to be associated with such an inclusive and unparalleledinstitution. I thank our beloved Swami from the bottom of my heart for the incredible opportunity given to me to be associated with this institution. I humbly pray to Swami to continue to guide me on this “Jnana Yagna” and let me serve as an instrument in HIS grand plans…

Dr. M. Lalitha Kameswari, General Secretary, Adhra Mahila Sabha