All our undergraduate degrees are full-time courses. As the basis for education here is modelled on the Gurukula system, all enrolled students will be residents of the college dormitories during the tenure of their academic terms. Each academic year will have two terms of about 6 months each.

The Sathya Sai institutions are famous for their loving care, extensive all-round training and development of the students. The courses will be taught in the form of lectures, seminars and practicals. Additionally, students are encouraged to engage in self-study. It is expected that students regularly put in around 50 to 60 hours a week [including teaching hours, self-study and practicals] during the term. During the holidays they may additionally focus on the weaker subjects, assignments, revision or further reading.


The duration of the daily lectures will be around 50 – 60 minutes each. The strength of students can vary from 25 to 50 per session. In addition to lectures by the college faculty, there will be guest lectures delivered by individuals of eminence in their respective subject areas. Guest lectures would be either delivered in-person in the classroom or will be real-time virtual sessions.


These are usually for medium-sized groups (say, 10-30 students), and last between one and two hours, and provide opportunities to delve into selected topics in detail. It is expected that students attend the seminars after due preparation and participate actively during the sessions.


The practical sessions will be generally for 2 hours long in duration. Assessments during the practical sessions will be cumulated to the subject scores for the term.


Our courseware consists of a good blend of continuous assessments and written exams at the end of the semester/ year. Written exams are the main form of summative assessments used – typically, one must take about three written exams for each subject, the sum of which is used to determine the result for the subject under consideration. A specified amount of practical work will also be assessed depending on the courses which one has taken. Most courses include a research project or dissertation – these may be in addition to a written exam. Results of assessments are typically released between four and eight weeks after exams/ dissertation submission.

Re-examination opportunities will be provided for deserving cases. Likewise, students will be provided opportunities to change their courses, on a case to case basis.